Catamaran charter Rental in BVI

Catamaran charter Rental in BVI

A Usvi Yacht Charters Experience Paradise

Book your Bvi Yacht Charter online and experience paradise. We are a leading yacht charter company offering the best deal to each of our esteemed customers. From a motor yacht, Catamaran to a sailing monohull as well as whether you need a week or a few days, a crewed yacht, we have got you covered. We provide a wide range of yacht charter fleet, with exceptional boats ranging in size from 38' to over 200'. You can also access our professional and knowledgeable crews.

When you are planning for sailing around the islands in the Caribbean, BVI should be your first port of call. It is truly a sailors' paradise owing to its constant warm weather, steady trade winds, and line-of-sight sailing. Renting your own yacht and exploring the wonders of the islands is the most convenient and fascinating way. Our professional team is on hand to make your dream come true.

A Bvi Yacht Charter enables one of the best sailing experiences. With Safe waters with minimal tidal currents, outstanding line-of-sight navigation, and short leg voyages between islands, it is the perfect destination for everyone. This cruising area is made up of over 60 unspoiled islands and cays with fabulous white sand beaches, abundant marine life, clear seas, and a laid-back island feel.


Why A Bvi Yacht Charter?

Privacy - Undoubtedly, a private yacht cruising is the best way to explore the Islands and we ensure that you will enjoy a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere while sailing. When you are traveling the BVI, you will have a great experience on your own private vessel that luxuriously accommodates your group.

Spontaneity - You will have all the freedom and flexibility to do exactly as per your wish, at whatever time you like. You can enjoy spontaneous activities and a relaxing vacation that can be customized for you.

Improved Variety - You can visit any and all of the Islands in any order, at any time you so choose. You can choose the best package that suits your needs and specifications and budget.

All-inclusive vacation-

Enthralling Marine Life- It is not only for sailors but for a diver and snorkeler as well. Discover crystal clear water packed with the vivid colors of coral and marine life. All water sports activities can be enjoyed right from your crewed charter yacht, with some of the finest scuba diving sites in the world and so many safe anchorages.

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