Choosing the Island to Charter Your Yacht from

There are various huge Caribbean Super yachts charter bases around the Caribbean where you may begin your holiday. Your departure point will determine your travel options. You don’t want to spend your days floating between amazing sites instead of experiencing them.


Choose based on your sailing skills and expectations.

Sailing in different locations of the Caribbean requires varying degrees of competence. The causes behind this vary according to region, terrain, and weather.  If you’re chartering a sailboat, you enjoy sailing.


However, consider how much time you want to spend sailing vs onshore exploring or anchoring for snorkeling, diving, and swimming.


One of the main draws of the Virgin Islands, for example, is that, while sailing Caribbean Super yachts charter is superb, the majority of the voyages are very short. You can rest in the morning, cruise to a different island or harbor, and then spend the afternoon and evening there. If you have an eight-hour voyage between anchorages, you will spend far more time sailing than on land.


Your ability and the comfort of your team are also important considerations. Sailing in the Virgin Islands is easy and pleasurable, but not very hard. Crossing from St. Lucia to Martinique presents a higher difficulty than line-of-sight navigation. However, for everyone on board to have pleasure, they must be comfortable.


Choose a Caribbean island that matches the feeling you are searching for.

Are you primarily interested in eco-tourism and snorkeling? Do you favor fine meals and shopping? Is your notion of nightlife drinking and dancing at a beach bar, or stargazing beneath an open sky free of light pollution?


There are several options for what you wish to experience on your Caribbean Super yachts charter holiday, and where you travel determines the tone. Of course, this does not imply you are confined to a single tone. When organizing your route, consider where you’re starting. Because you’ll be doing most of your sailing locally there, and the vibe of the nation won’t alter if you don’t travel far.


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