Know About The Best Time to Charter a Yacht in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is the first location for those looking for a tropical destination with plenty of sun and sailing. But what goes into Caribbean mega yachts? Where can you go and how’s the sailing?

Many tourists in the Caribbean come from cruise ships apart from other tourists. Although certain months are quite pleasant, the weather in the Caribbean is beautiful all year. The period you choose is determined by your schedule, preferences, money, and risk tolerance.


Peak charter season is from December to March

The optimum season to charter in the Caribbean is from December to March. The weather is really beautiful; with pleasant days and cool evenings, you’ll avoid the higher summer temperatures and rainier weather.


It is not without expense, however. Because it is the busiest period, it is also the most costly. Everyone else is seeking to escape the cold in search of that beautiful Caribbean weather. So the greatest charter rates of the year occur during the holiday periods, when there are fewer charters available. Most fleets have completely booked their charters, and the holiday weeks will see more people on the lake than the shoulder and off seasons. That is not to say you can’t do it, but expect to pay extra for your charter and have company in every anchoring.


The Best Time to Visit are The shoulder Seasons

March through June, as well as October and November, are slightly outside of peak seasons but still ideal for chartering. The weather remains superb, and the dangers of hurricanes and named storms are minimal. Because of the lesser demand, costs are more affordable, discounts may be obtained, and there will be fewer charters at each harbor.


If you want to save money and aren’t rushed to book your Caribbean mega yachts during the high season, the shoulder seasons are ideal. Just be cautious to insure your trip, since there is still a danger of weather cancelation. There are several gorgeous resorts in the Caribbean where travelers may stay for a week.

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