Culinary delights are prepared by world-class chefs to enhance your yacht charter experience.

Every superyacht charter is a culinary joy with a professional gourmet chef aboard, and your chef will take great pleasure in crafting dishes for you based on local specialties and using the best local products. Experience the amazing cuisine and exquisite dining available on shore, depending on your itinerary and location, turning your superyacht charter into a gourmet excursion. One of life’s great pleasures must be having a fully crewed yacht and a good cook. Any dietary restrictions can be met on a case-by-case basis. Everything is made feasible for your unique experience, whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, full-fledged carnivore, allergic to nuts, or have kosher / Halal requirements. Each dish is meticulously planned and constructed around your directions as well as the Chef’s creativity and abilities. Fresh ingredients are delivered daily, and the best of everything is procured from local suppliers.If your cruise is a term charter, it is not uncommon for Chef to get up early in the morning and travel by tender to local markets to pick up the freshest local items to use in your meals that day.If this sounds like the unique experience you’re looking for but also sounds like it’ll break the bank, don’t be concerned. Speak with a charter consultant about your possibilities, and you could be pleasantly surprised to be able to cross this off your bucket list sooner rather than later.

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