Have a Fantastic Sailing Adventure with Our BVI Catamaran Charter?

The British Virgin Islands is famous worldwide for its white sandy beaches, fantastic coral reefs, and several magnificent tourist spots such as the island of Virgin Gorda, location of popular beach area known as “The Baths.” The attraction even goes under, with snorkeling being one of the more popular activities. Bar hopping is something which the tourists enjoyed while there.

But even more famous for tourists is to cruise and sail their way towards BVI. Cruises are in demand, but not all cruise and charters are alike. Some yachts sail in style and grand, luxurious way, but others do not. Some give elite service, while others don’t. Though the sceneries and sights are the same, the total sailing experience is not.

BVI Yacht Charter

BVI and its coast are the dreams of every sailor, and fulfilling your dream is our calling. Our catamaran charter is deemed by many to be one of the best in the field, and rightly so. From the catamaran to the service we give, ours are first-class and probably unmatched in this side of paradise.

Our vessels are top of the line, stylish, magnificent. Our crew is all professionals, among the best here and worldwide, and they have tons of experience navigating the seas around the world. For those reasons, tourists consider us among the elite, if not the best, in giving a fantastic sailing experience here at BVI.

Our company is famous worldwide due to our excellence in the industry. We have nearly thirty years of experience running charters, and our personnel has countless adventures traveling both calm and tortuous waters. We knew the seas like the back of our hands.

BVI Catamaran Charter

With our catamaran and professional crew, you can go on sailing the crystal blue, warm waters as you visit different exotic islands and cays, those that are sublimely sprinkled in the wonderful Caribbean Sea.

See those magnificent coastlines of the famed DJ Josh Van Dyke, visit those sights, those gigantic slabs of rock at Virgin Gorda, traverse that famed channel named after the equally famous English pirate.

If you want to give BVI cruise a try, and want to see for yourself all those sights mentioned above and wonders, and truly experience the happenings and nightlife in different islands and beaches, we are more than willing to be of service. With us, you will have a genuine, one-of-a-kind cruising experience. You can connect with us anytime, from anywhere.

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