Hire Virgin Islands Yacht Charter To Explore Various Islands

Planning for a perfect yacht charter holiday? Finding a perfect location? Consider booking a break in the Caribbean that offers warm temperatures, white sand and crystal-clear waters to relish. All you need to hire a reliable Virgin Islands Yacht Charter to make your trip memorable.

Undoubtedly, the Caribbean is a popular getaway destination to soak up the sun from the comfort of your own boat. It offers an amazing chance to explore the area at your leisure. Why don’t you plan for the British Virgin Islands (BVI) sailing trip? There are various spots such as Tortola, Anegada, Virgin Gorda and Jost Van Dyke, in addition to around 50 smaller islands to explore.

Tortola is the key island where Road Town is located (the capital of the archipelago). It is home to most of the isles’ inhabitants as well as the best place to make your base during a yacht charter BVI holiday. There is a mixture of delightfully picturesque areas and lively parts that will make you relish hiking up Mount Sage and looking down at the palm-lined beaches below.

On the flip side, you can head to other inhabited centres to explore the local shops where you can buy homemade jams, soaps and spices, as well as rums and handmade jewellery. You will find several isles within close immediacy that makes island hopping easier.

Anegada can be the next island to visit, covered by the Horseshoe Coral Reef and brags some stunning white sands. All the beaches here are protected by the peaks of Nutmeg Point, Setting Point and Pomato Point, while the waters are vast and clear. This makes it easy for snorkeling. You can also spot various species of animals. Apart from that explore the private isle of Peter Island where you will obtain different facilities on land, including the many restaurants along the beach.

Virgin Gorda is yet another famous location, home to the well-known Baths which are huge boulders that extend across a peaceful beach. It is the best place for enjoying natural swimming pools and grottoes. You can go surfing or body boarding at Devil’s Bay or journey to the south of the island to Spanish Town.

The next one is Jost Van Dyke, which is a smaller island. It is full of eye-catching panorama because of its mountainous and formerly volcanic landscape. You can also hire a Virgin Islands Catamaran Charter for your trip that comes with different features.

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