Private BVI Yacht Charter Experience British Virgin Islands

Experience an exceptional way of exploring the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean through a private BVI yacht charter. Our fleet of yachts includes outstanding boats ranging in size from 38′ to over 200′, all of which come with knowledgeable and professional crews. Rest assured that your vacation on a floating resort will be a memorable experience.

Once your BVI yacht charter begins, you can enjoy the excitement of sunbathing on deck, feel the warm wind on your face, and take in the sights of the Caribbean islands. Our fully professional crew offers a variety of choices that you can personalize. You just need to contact our experts to select the best deal, and almost everything will be arranged aboard the boat to provide flexibility for you.

If you need to bring something along for the yacht charter, our experts will provide excellent advice on what you will require. Since you will be on the water, it may not always be possible to pop to the store for supplies, so you may have to wait until you reach the next destination.

For an all-inclusive yacht charter, you can order the wine and drinks you desire before arriving. This way, you will have everything on board the sailing yacht, ensuring a stress-free and perfect vacation.

The BVI is a sailors’ paradise, with year-round warm weather, consistent trade winds, and line-of-sight sailing. It consists of over 60 well-preserved islands and cays, which have remarkable white sandy beaches, abundant marine life, clear seas, and a laid-back island feel. You can also enjoy all water sports activities right from your crewed charter yacht, with some of the finest scuba diving sites in the world and numerous safe anchorages.

Our professional crews will provide you with tips on what to do and what to avoid, as well as places that you should visit. We also offer BVI catamaran rentals that you can hire for a week or a few days, with a crewed yacht that our team can help you arrange.

We have established a solid reputation in this industry and offer superior customer service. For more information visit us at


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